In-game, Ave Nova Roma and Chaíre Néa Elláda are set in the cities of Nova Roma and Silmaria, respectively. These jewels of the Med Sea are the hubs of several major trade routes, with Nova Roma servicing points north, and Silmaria providing access to many areas south of the Med Sea. The mild climate and abundant resources make these cities worthwhile destinations for tradesmen and adventurers alike.

However, not all is as it appears. Just outside of the cities, monsters and banditry abound. Goblins and stranger creatures lurk in the scrub and forest, and the world is filled with unusual and fantastic wonders. Adventurers come to deal with these dangers and to make names for themselves within the region.

Greater dangers lie beneath the cities, and corruption rots from within. Beneath Nova Roma, massive catacombs spread under the city, a testament to previous cities claimed by the nearby volcano, Monte Vulcani.  In those catacombs lurks an ancient and formidable enemy of the city, who will stop at nothing to destroy Nova Roma once and for all. Silmaria, too has a complex of caves, sewers, and cellars, despoiled by the refuse from the magical experiments of hundreds of wizard towers and individual magic users. Rumors abound that this complex is connected to the caldera of Mount Draconis, which had erupted only 35 years before, and is supposed to be the final resting place of the Dragon of Doom.

From these regions, separated by only a few hundred miles, heroes are made and lives are altered. You are called to join the band and win wealth, glory, and legend in the jewels of the Med Sea! Ave heroica viatores! Ave Nova Roma!

The setting is based loosely on the Gloriana game setting from Lori and Corey Cole’s Quest for Glory series (I-V), copyright 1989-1998 Sierra Online (now Activision). We use the fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons rules to solve IC conflicts.