New Spells Added

New spells added as of 3 JUN:

  • Banish & Summon
  • Flame Wave
  • Force Wave
  • Icicle
  • Lightning Arc
  • Madness

Most of these additions are to address glaring omissions in the spells list. Banish & Summon is a PC-created spell and is restricted accordingly for character creation. A couple of the spells, Force Wave and Madness, were introduced by NPCs in previous sessions and have been deemed fit for PC use as spells. Finally, we are planning an update to the Equipment and Alchemy packet to include the revised rules for Stamina pills and potions, and to include the poisons that have been created and used IC by PCs.


Next Game: 25 MAY 13, and some Rules Updates

The next Ave Nova Roma will be on Saturday, May 25th, at 7pm! As always, character creation is IC for new characters, so you will meet other characters while filling out your “Guild Application”.

Feedback on which rooms would be best to use for Mod Rooms is welcome. Currently, we use the Basement for the Catacombs Mod room, and the Attic for the Wilderness mods; however, if you have a better suggestion, we would certainly like to hear it!

As stated at the last game, in accordance with last week’s Spells List changes, the magic rules have been altered. The new rules can be found in a link in the House Rules, or you can follow this link.

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Keep on adventuring!