Next Game: 16 MAR 13

The next session of Ave Nova Roma will be at 7pm on the 16th of March!

This last session, we had double our usual number of players, and many new and amazing things have occurred, including a funeral for an old hero, attacks by rogue mercenaries, rumors of ogres, and the massing of armies on every doorstep. Signs point to the fact that things will get worse before they get better, and yet the characters all have a better chance now than they ever did before of averting foreseen disaster.

Come to the next game, and join the ranks of the few, the proud, the Honored Heroes!


Notices on the Adventurer’s Guild Board

Execution Postponed

The execution of the criminal Thomas Phaulius, shaman of the Arkouda Barbarians, has been postponed until such time as representatives from the Adventurer’s Guild present their arguments to the Plebian Court on behalf of the condemned. Any adventurers who are members of the Guild are hereby requested to attend.

Curfew Set

Due to the attack from the Hesperian Mercenaries last Saturday, and the threat of war with Toscana, a curfew has been set for all citizens of Nova Roma. Room and board has been provided by members of the Patrician Council at their homes or at the Hero’s Tale Inn. Adventurers shall be rewarded for aiding citizens outside the city to enter into the city walls in the evenings. [In-game benefit: If you are in Nova Roma and “help out” this week, Resources is not penalized for this session only.]

Funeral Proceedings

The funeral for Rasha Rakeesh sah Tarna shall be held Saturday, II Martiusmoon, in the year CCCXXIV of the Republic. His body is being held for viewing at the Wizard’s Tower outside the town walls. Due to the curfew in place, viewing times are restricted to between dawn and dusk, daily. Inquiries should be placed with the Paladin Keran Dekaine.