New Website

In an effort to put all of our resources into one website, a couple of our players have set up a website with a Forums list at This website will have all the pertinent information on Ave Nova Roma and the upcoming Tales from the Caravan, a new game using our rules system and game world set in Mordavia, on the opposite Saturday from Ave Nova Roma.

Next game will be on the 22nd. At that time we will bring up what is in store for the summer, and where the campaign goes from here. Ave heroica viatores! Ave Nova Roma!


New Spells Added

New spells added as of 3 JUN:

  • Banish & Summon
  • Flame Wave
  • Force Wave
  • Icicle
  • Lightning Arc
  • Madness

Most of these additions are to address glaring omissions in the spells list. Banish & Summon is a PC-created spell and is restricted accordingly for character creation. A couple of the spells, Force Wave and Madness, were introduced by NPCs in previous sessions and have been deemed fit for PC use as spells. Finally, we are planning an update to the Equipment and Alchemy packet to include the revised rules for Stamina pills and potions, and to include the poisons that have been created and used IC by PCs.