Next Game: 8 JUN 13

Our next Ave Nova Roma session at the Vega House shall be at 7pm on June 8th. Among the upcoming plots include the new unveiling of the Colosseum, continued attacks from the Toscan military, a Midsummer Fae’s dream, and the Patrician’s Council’s secret plans finally revealed! Come, join us, and be one of the celebrated Heroes of Nova Roma!

As usual, site fee for the Vega House is $3. Recruitment and Props donation can earn rewards to prospective players; see the House Rules or the Narrator staff for details.

Current Ave Nova Roma Staff:

  • JR Sprick, Head ST
  • Adam Brugeman, Assistant ST
  • Christopher Banks, Magic Narrator

As often as possible, character creation is taken care of In-Character for new players. The current Nova Roma Guildmaster is Aaron Voca (Drake Williams).

Ave heroica viatores! Ave Nova Roma!


Next Game: 25 MAY 13, and some Rules Updates

The next Ave Nova Roma will be on Saturday, May 25th, at 7pm! As always, character creation is IC for new characters, so you will meet other characters while filling out your “Guild Application”.

Feedback on which rooms would be best to use for Mod Rooms is welcome. Currently, we use the Basement for the Catacombs Mod room, and the Attic for the Wilderness mods; however, if you have a better suggestion, we would certainly like to hear it!

As stated at the last game, in accordance with last week’s Spells List changes, the magic rules have been altered. The new rules can be found in a link in the House Rules, or you can follow this link.

If you’re on Facebook, we’ve just created a Facebook page (rather than having everyone on Facebook follow my personal page). All new posts on this site will also be publicized there.

Keep on adventuring!