Spells List Overhaul

The spells list has undergone some significant changes. If you have a character with the Sorcery stunt, check out the list below to see if a spell you use has been affected:

Spells that have been modified:

  • Augment (clarification only, no mechanical changes)
  • Blessing (duration was modified)
  • Charm (clarification)
  • Detect Magic (clarification)
  • Force Bolt (attack and maneuver uses separated and dependent on caster choice)
  • Hide (additional use of Augment added)
  • Spire (new spell)
  • Stone Wall (new spell)
  • Summon Staff (Sorcery and Empowered Casting now add to staff’s Fate Points)
  • Transmogrify (clarification: transmogrifying into a half-creature is not normally valid without in-character training, signed off by the Narrator)
  • Zap (duration was modified)

There are currently 37 spells in the spell list, and players may research new spells. Research ties up a Refresh point and takes research time equal to two weeks plus two weeks per Empowered Casting stunt required by the spell. As a rule, a spell doing straight damage or laying an aspect on a scene does not require Empowered Casting; increasing the number of targets, granting exceptions to the spells effects, or effects more powerful than an Aspect will require Empowered Casting stunts. Other requirements (a physical object to deliver the spell, for example) may lower the number of Empowered Casting stunts required, subject to Narrator approval.

The current Narrator staff is as follows: JR Sprick (head ST), Adam Brugeman (sub-plot Narrator).


Next Game: 27 APR 13

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