Next Game 30 MAR 13

The next game will be at the Vega House on 30 MAR at 7:00pm. Come join us and be a hero of Nova Roma!


Just three more days…

Game is happening this Saturday! Remember that sheets have already been printed; any changes that are necessary will need to be written on the sheet when game begins and signed off (to avoid having those changes taking up this game’s benefits).

That’s it, not a big update here.

Just some Humor for your Monday (and some news)

Go to and laugh for a little bit.

Then realize that this is far too common in a Fantasy RPG.

Yeah, I see you thinking we should do this in Ave Nova Roma… Yeah, you, buster. *grin*

Character sheets which were turned in at the end of game are completed, and will be printed Thursday afternoon. Next week, the printers at the South Branch library will be unavailable until “noon on Saturday the 16th”, so please try to have any changes to your sheets in by morning on Thursday of this week, as some libraries (ahem, Cleveland, ahem) are notorious for not having things up and running on time.


Next Game: 16 MAR 13

The next session of Ave Nova Roma will be at 7pm on the 16th of March!

This last session, we had double our usual number of players, and many new and amazing things have occurred, including a funeral for an old hero, attacks by rogue mercenaries, rumors of ogres, and the massing of armies on every doorstep. Signs point to the fact that things will get worse before they get better, and yet the characters all have a better chance now than they ever did before of averting foreseen disaster.

Come to the next game, and join the ranks of the few, the proud, the Honored Heroes!