Notices on the Adventurer’s Guild Board

Execution Postponed

The execution of the criminal Thomas Phaulius, shaman of the Arkouda Barbarians, has been postponed until such time as representatives from the Adventurer’s Guild present their arguments to the Plebian Court on behalf of the condemned. Any adventurers who are members of the Guild are hereby requested to attend.

Curfew Set

Due to the attack from the Hesperian Mercenaries last Saturday, and the threat of war with Toscana, a curfew has been set for all citizens of Nova Roma. Room and board has been provided by members of the Patrician Council at their homes or at the Hero’s Tale Inn. Adventurers shall be rewarded for aiding citizens outside the city to enter into the city walls in the evenings. [In-game benefit: If you are in Nova Roma and “help out” this week, Resources is not penalized for this session only.]

Funeral Proceedings

The funeral for Rasha Rakeesh sah Tarna shall be held Saturday, II Martiusmoon, in the year CCCXXIV of the Republic. His body is being held for viewing at the Wizard’s Tower outside the town walls. Due to the curfew in place, viewing times are restricted to between dawn and dusk, daily. Inquiries should be placed with the Paladin Keran Dekaine.


Next Game: 2 MAR 13

Our next game is Saturday, March 2nd, at 7pm. If you played a new character this session, please remember to email the character in to anr-narrators AT yahoogroups DOT com. I am available this week if new players are interested in creating a character before game.

However, next week, the head Narrator will be unavailable from Tuesday morning to Friday, midday. Sheets will still be printed Saturday morning, however, so worry not. We’re looking forward to our next adventures in Nova Roma!

Last note, during the next two weeks, a few game rumors and Adventurer’s Guild postings will be posted to this page. Check back on Friday to make sure you haven’t missed anything!

A little less than a week…

… to the next Ave Nova Roma game! We hope you’re ready. In the meantime, we have added several more racial packets (we just have Canine left to do), and we have completed the Nova Roman Culture packet, as well. Links can be found in the links bar above; since we have been having some complaints that nested links are not showing, we have also added the links on the pages they are listed under: a link to the Directions page can be found on the Venue page, and the Spell List, Racial Packet, and Mod Sheet Usage pages all have links on the House Rules page. In addition, the House Rules page also has links to the main rules, the magic rules, the Paladin Packet, the Ritual Magic packet, and the Equipment and Alchemy packet. We have made every effort at Ave Nova Roma to provide you with all the materials needed to play (with the exception of costuming). Yes, this means we do have a limited number of d6 bubbles available if you are having a hard time finding materials!

Have a wonderful week, and we hope to see you on 16 FEB at 7pm at the Vega House!

Race Packets added

A Racial and Cultural Packets Page has been added to the site! While it is still a little sparse at current, look for the various links to be filled within the next two weeks.

Currently, Half-Fae has been completed. Two possible race inclusions, Gypsy and Shapechanger, are also completed, and shall be discussed post-game. Next up: Katta and the Roman cultural packet!

Next game: 16 FEB 13

Despite a low turnout, there was high adventure in Nova Roma this week! Make sure you make the next game one fortnight hence on February 16th at 7pm at the Vega House! Game fees are $3 for the site, and donations for props and atmosphere are always welcome.

If you created a character and haven’t yet emailed us, be sure to do so at anr-narrators AT yahoogroups DOT com. We are looking forward to putting you into the system. Character histories are encouraged, and may garner players an enviable End of Story Improvement. Also keep in mind, all Fate point expenditures and accrual are your responsibility; be sure to mark it on your sheet so you get the right amount.

The Vega House has many awesome games playing every weekend. Next week is the Mage game on Friday at 8p; Heartlands Alliance mixed-genre White Wolf game at noon on Saturday, and Sunday is the Eerie Moon Werewolf game, also at noon. Then, the night before Ave Nova Roma is the epic Cleveland By Night at 8p, which has been running for ten amazing years at the Vega House!

Following the next game, we will be discussing where players would like Ave Nova Roma to go, the addition of a new character race (Mordavian Gypsies), props management, and the official mission statement of the game. Be sure to attend if you can.

Final Note: Ave Nova Roma is designed to run with a minimum number of Narrators per PCs, but we are looking for a few good men (or women!) to help tell the story of a world on the brink of conquest. Narrators will have a hand in making Gloriana a reality in Cleveland, and influence its lore and secrets. More importantly, more Narrators means quicker combat resolution and more intensive scenes with the denizens of the city. We will be adding one Narrator for every 7-10 players; Narrators will be able to keep their characters, but will not be permitted to play while narrating. See the Head Narrator (JR Sprick) if you are interested.

We’re looking forward to more adventure, romance, and excitement in the grand city of Nova Roma. Hail, great adventurers, and see you in two weeks!