Next Game: 2 FEB 13

Well, we had an excellent start in Nova Roma, with a few people in attendance and an excellent set of adventures! If you missed the first game, don’t fret; we’ll be right back with more bandits, goblins, and bears (Oh, My!) on the 2nd of February!

For returning players, don’t forget to email in new characters to anr-narrators AT yahoogroups DOT com. Character histories may be rewarded with an extra End of Story improvement, and coming in costume next game will afford you a Fate point at the end of the session.


19 JAN Date confirmed!

Rain date for first game shall be 19 JAN 13 at the Vega House. Please bring a pencil and at least one sheet of paper, as part of this game will be set aside for character creation. Keep in mind also, site fee is $3 – this fee goes to heating and maintenance of the site. Thanks!